Water Scarcity In The United States

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The method is doing research online and collecting information by checking if the information can answer the question from the question creation chart. First, find out the problems of water scarcity in the United States, and pick two severe problem to solve. Once the decision is made, find the current solutions that deal with each of them, summerize the advantages and disadvantages. Then, search which country has greatly succeeded on dealing with water shortage problem and what solutions they exploited. Also, be sure there are some data provided to compare the water they have before solving the problem and after. The method is effective because all the sources are peer-reviewed, and logically analyzed with answering the questions from question creation chart. Also, the materials are of good academic standing. There are two main problems in the United States, one is the drought in California and another is the shrinking Lake Mead in Nevada. The drought is believed to be caused by massive warm water in the Pacific Ocean that has drifted closer to the West Coast recently. And La Niña in 2011 created a high-pressure system and rerouted cold air away from California, that caused this region had even higher tempreture. Also, precipitation…show more content…
And it is divided into several parts, two of them are California’s Water Conservation Education Program Campaign and Governor’s Drought Task Force. These two made people to save water and the government controls water supply delivery. California also has an official organization which keeps in the track of recording data of the drought severity. The Lake Mead, on the contrary, is not considerately preserved. There are already two pipes below the reservoir(Lake Mead), drilling water from the lake to Las Vagas. Now there is a new pipe below the original two pipes, not for preventing the problem but keep drilling water at the very deep part of Lake
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