Water Scarcity Is An Environmental Problem That Reaches

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Water scarcity is an environmental problem that reaches around the globe. This lack of water is called the World Water Crisis. In the U.S, people are privileged enough to be able to use clean water for many things. However, the U.S is effected by water scarcity as well as countries who are underdeveloped and aren 't as privileged as we are. Only 2.5 percent of Earth 's water is fresh water, of which industrial uses account for 22 percent of available fresh water, domestic use requires only 8 percent, and the rest-over two-thirds of our demand-is used for agriculture. Water is said to be a right for all living things, however, many underdeveloped countries in the world, such as Ghana or Rajasthan, are victims of corporations who come…show more content…
Giant corporations take over these sustainable water supplies and nothing seems to be done make them stop so that the water can become clean again as well as be given back to the people. Christian Theology is heavily focused on and around water because it 's said to be the right of all living things. In scripture, the word water appears nearly six hundred times in the Hebrew Bible and is used to describe forms of God or his activities. Therefore, water is an embodiment of God himself and when water is taken away from people it 's almost like taking away a source of God from them. Also, this lack of water causes poverty in many countries because they can 't grow food to sell to sustain their own lives. In The Preferential Option for the Poor, the country focused of whom is suffering in poverty is Latin America. This cause of poverty is said to be linked to the influence the U.S has from our western culture. The bishops argue that the root cause of Latin American misery and oppression is the influence of Western culture, which is driven by idols of power, wealth, monetary pleasure and an overvaluation of individual subjectivity. Western culture tends to be centered around materialist tendencies and focuses on what an individual can do for themselves rather than what an individual can do for others, including the world we live in. The bishops also claim that the cultural
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