Waterfall Life Cycle Model and Agile Methodology

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Choosing a proper method for software design is completely depended upon the requirements and end products of the company. These requirements and goals might change in the process of development of software depending upon the decisions of stakeholders, developers and system analysts. Waterfall life cycle model and Agile methodology are the methods to implement and develop software. The initial methodology used by company is Waterfall methodology consists of sequential steps for the designing of software. One can predict cost, duration and requirements of the project in this method. This method is primarily used when organization knows what the end product of the project is. Proper planning is required before the start of the project. But there are some disadvantages of waterfall methodology. One major disadvantage is that developers cannot go back to the previous step once they have completed the step. If the project requirements are not satisfied initially then there might be a chance of project failure. It might also cost budget issues as well as more duration to complete the project. If developers want to make certain changes in the code of project in between then they again need to start from the beginning to write the code. To overcome these disadvantages of waterfall model, Agile methodology is designed. This methodology uses incremental approach unlike waterfall model which uses sequential steps to develop software. Incremental approach means processing and testing
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