Watergate Scandal Of United States Vs. Nixon

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In the landmark court case of United States vs. Nixon the court had denied Nixon’s presidential power of executive privilege to halt the subpoena against him. The court concluded that his exercised power was not absolute and the need for evidence outweighed the presidential privilege as it was infringing on a criminal case. This case against Nixon was a result of one of the worst presidential scandals in U.S. history. The scandal was the Watergate scandal. The presidential scandal known as Watergate was a shameful incident within the history of American presidents. It was a scandal that later set precedent on the limitation of presidential powers. It was a time when the president was viewed as a tyrannical power. Furthermore as a result, there were numerous consequences, which led to reforms that are still impacting our government as well as the presidency. The many crimes that Nixon and his administration committed in attempt to cover up involvement throughout the Watergate ordeal resulted in the prosecution of many of high-level government officials. It also led to the only presidential resignation in history in August of 1974. During this time in American history, America was in the midst of the Vietnam War, a war that nobody liked or really understood. This presidential scandal damaged the image of President Nixon and subsequently tarnished America’s outlook on the presidency as well. This event further stimulated an era of public distrust towards the American
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