Analysis of Watergate Essay

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Watergate: Analysis of a Presidential Crisis The term “Watergate” has become a common household name in correlation with people's thoughts about corruption in government. President Nixon was in office at the time of this scandal and is often thought to be the most famous face in America's conspiracy of wickedness in the government. The Watergate scandal had rocked everything our country thought we knew about the American Presidency because it had forfeited the common vision of the leader of the nation. Watergate had replaced the image of elegance and worldliness of the U.S. President with a scattered vision of corruption and extreme competitive measures that the country had never been a part of. Richard Nixon and his men had taken…show more content…
The purpose of this break in was to “bug” the Democratic Offices in effort to aid Nixon's attempt to win a second term6. The police on the scene had taken into custody: 40 rolls of undeveloped film, two cameras, a radio device, listening devices that had phone listening capabilities long with being able to pick up conversations in the room, and “pen-size tear gas guns”7 Two reporters from the Washington post named Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward had taken an interest in this event and perhaps maybe even knew there was more to it. Two days after the scandal at the Democratic Headquarters, Bob Woodward called in a favor from whom he referred to as “an old friend”, who came to be known as “Deep Throat”123. He was later revealed to be a high ranking federal agent who met with the reporters in extreme caution and secrecy to reveal details of the investigation into the Watergate scandal. An important detail of Deep Throat's significance is that he expressed the confidential tapings of White House conversations, to which only a few people at the time knew about existed. He also disclosed that there was 18 ½ minutes of the recordings that were missing, suggesting that the missing time was blank on purpose19. The identity of Deep Throat remained a mystery for over thirty years, when a man named Mark Felt revealed himself confirming that he had in fact retained high authority in the time of the ordeal21. The next few months in time were a very
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