Watership Down Analysis

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Richard Adams’ novel, Watership Down conveys its dictatorship and immigration issues that occurred in the past and are still in today's world. Richard Adams was born post World War II. This was a period when communist and totalitarian ideas where ending and the world was moving into more stable and freedom world. In today's world, dictatorship is not something the public takes easily. It happens mostly in countries that are not developed well or can't do anything to stop it. Another event that took place is the holocaust. The holocaust has caused many people to give up and leave Germany because it has caused them so much pain. Leaving the people and the home you grew up is surely one of the hardest things a person can experience. Immigration is such a huge thing today. People escape from the violence and terror that occur in their countries to look for safety and security for their families.

The cold war was a big part of history because it was a war between many countries fighting against communism and totalitarianism. This war was regarded as one of the deadliest wars ever because nuclear warfare was involved. Shoenberg states, that "the cold war was regarded as wider struggle between two competing political and economic ideologies: communism and capitalism". The United States got involved in the war because they these ideas were too extreme. The belief of living under one ruler and following harsh rules was ruining the world. Countries like the United States who are

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