Wauwatosa Wisconsin Is A Suburb Located Immediately West

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Wauwatosa Wisconsin is a suburb located immediately west of Milwaukee, Wi; It is roughly 13.5 square miles (City Data). The population is about 47, 102 people as of 2014 (City Data); The female population is a little over half female 52.5%, (City Data) 24,725 people (City Data) and the remaining population being male that’s 47.5%, 47.5%. (City Data) The population can be further broken down based on race with 85.9%(City Data) being white, 4.4% (Data City) being African American, 3.5% (Data City) being Asian and the last 6.2% falling in the other category(Data City). A large majority of the population is considered upper middle class, and attends public schooling. The Wauwatosa School District is home to 15 public schools, a scattering of …show more content…

the town there are at least three separate yoga studios each very popular.
The adult culture is more refined towards the working class, with in Wauwatosa there is a medical college and multiple hospitals, and cooperate work settings for the adults although a large number of the people commute to outside of Wauwatosa to work. Because of the parents working so much daycare is a large part of the everyday life as well. Lots of the larger jobs actually have a daycare built in making it more convenient to the workers.
The non-material culture of Wauwatosa Wisconsin Is largely centered around family values and art. Seeing as a large majority of the population are part of an immediate family, and live within walking distance of a school the value of family and safety is one of the highest concerns for my town. In my neighborhood almost every house consists of a small family’s. A lot of the household’s take safety as a large priority. I live within walking distance of an elementary school so ‘drive slowly’ or ‘school crossing’ signs litter my neighborhood. Little kids are always playing in their front yards and the neighbors always look out from them making sure that everyone is safe and nothing is out of line. The family safety also falls under the material part of the Wauwatosa’s culture. It seems almost every family as the NextDoor app

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