Waves Lab Essay

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PHY 101 Lab Report Waves Lab Purpose The purpose of this laboratory experiment is to “investigate how the vibrating source affects selected characteristics of the sound produced” (Giancoli, 2006). Materials The following materials were used in the completion of this laboratory experiment: * Meter stick * Two paper towel rolls / cardboard tubes * Scissors * Two rubber bands * Wax paper * Transparent tape * Flashlight * Balloon Procedure Part 1: 1. Hold one end of a meter stick down on a tabletop so that 20 cm of the stick extends past the edge of the table. 2. Pluck the end of the stick that is extending past the edge of the table to produce a vibration and sound. 3. Observe this…show more content…
They can “be described using the properties of wave speed, intensity and loudness, and frequency and pitch” (Giancoli, 2006). The speed of sound varies in both different mediums and at different temperatures. Sound intensity “is the rate at which the sound wave’s energy flows through a given area” (Giancoli, 2006). It is dependent upon the amplitude of the wave and the distance from the sound source (Giancoli, 2006). It is also related to loudness. Loudness “is the physical response to the intensity and is subjective depending on the person listening to the sound’ (Giancoli, 2006). Frequency of sound depends on “how fast the source of the sound is vibrating” in which case the “frequency of the sound produced depends on the length of the tubing” of a musical instrument (Giancoli, 2006). In these cases, “longer tubes tend to produce lower frequency sounds” (Giancoli, 2006). “Pitch is the frequency of the sound as perceived by the listener” (Giancoli, 2006). This experiment did not include exact values, rather, used observations as a source of data collection and comparison. Therefore, using measurements would be better to compare the exact changes that occurred as a result of the manipulation of variables. This would require more expensive and precise tools, but if it was feasible, would improve the reliability of the results. The purpose of the experiment was met, as it allowed the experimenter to investigate how the vibrating source
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