Wayne Gretzky Research Paper

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Who is your all time favorite Canadian hockey player? There are many great Canadian hockey players out there. One of them is Wayne Gretzky. Former National Hockey League (NHL) star Wayne Douglas Gretzky, was born on January 26th, 1961 in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Gretzky was only two years, ten months when he skated on ice for the very first time. Playing hockey first in his backyard, than on minor teams, finally the NHL, and now a legend, defines him as a legendary hockey player. There are many reasons as to why Gretzky was known as “The Great One.” His goals, assists, and points in his NHL career, international play, and post retirement has made him a vital contributor into shaping Canada into what it is known as today. Firstly, in 1979 was when Gretzky’s NHL career took a start with the Edmonton Oilers. By 1984, the Stanley Cup was in his hands. Gretzky was named captain from 1983-1988. The Edmonton Oilers won the Stanley Cup four out of five times with Gretzky. The team made the Stanley Cup Finals in 1983, but got swept by the New York Islanders. However, in 1984 the Oilers came face to face with the New York Islanders in the Finals again, but this time they won the Stanley Cup. Oilers were also declared champions in the years 1985, 1987, and 1988. At the end, …show more content…

By setting records, earning awards, and his multiple achievements, it shows how he rightfully obtained his label as “The Great One.” His successes in hockey have led him to be a great representative for Canada and its sports culture. Because of him, Canada will forever be known as the country with the phenomenal hockey player. His inspirations of great hockey legends had motivated him to break even their records, such as Gordie Howe. Gretzky’s skills, strategies, and his playing career, defines him as an exceptional legend in Canadian [sports] history, which contributed in molding Canada into what it is

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