Ways Mary Shelley Makes the Reader Sympathize with the Monster in Frankenstein

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Ways Mary Shelley Makes the Reader Sympathize with the Monster in Frankenstein

In the novel ‘Frankenstein’, the writer Mary Shelley presents a character in the form of a monster who causes great destruction. He is directly responsible for the deaths of William, Clerval and Elizabeth, as well as contributing to the deaths of Justine and Victor Frankenstein. Despite these acts of violence, Mary Shelley makes the reader sympathise with the Monster. She is able to do this through the narrative technique that shifts from character to character and by looking very critically at Victor Frankenstein. Frankenstein’s aim is to make the elixir of life in order to create life. He tries to play God and his
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Also the layout is symmetrical, going back to where it started.

Mary Shelley was part of the Romantic Movement and she shows through the ideas of this in the novel. This was the concern that scientists were too busy pursuing their own goals to stop and see the beauty of nature. Chapter 5 shows the creation of Frankenstein’s monster. A classic gothic horror scene is set for this to take place, a dark November eve with rain pounding on the windows. Up until this point in the novel Frankenstein has been keen on the creation of new life but as soon as life is breathed into his monster his opinions change. The creation of the monster is deemed a catastrophe immediately in which Frankenstein instantly regrets ever creating his monster. He finds his monsters appearance revolting and he is horrified. He uses profane language and uses blasphemy such as ‘Great God’. Blasphemy was very strong language in the days in which the novel was written so Frankenstein had a strong reaction to his creation. All of Frankenstein’s negative views on the monster are based purely assumption. Despite the monster not having chance to do anything to justify itself, Frankenstein assumes that because it is hideous it is also evil.

After the creation of his monster, Frankenstein suffers terrible after-effects and
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