Ways Organisms Get Energy For Life

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For the last 4.82 billion years that life has existed on earth, organisms have evolved and each different species is unique in it’s own way. Although organisms can be drastically different from one another all species require just one process to produce the energy for life. Cellular respiration needs only glucose and oxygen for the chemical process to occur in the cell mitochondria but the fact that just the energy created by cellular respiration can carry out other life processes and other bodily functions is astonishing. This essay will discuss the multitude of ways organisms get the energy for life

Cellular respiration is needed for both plants and animals to survive and both have different internal mechanisms to assist in cellular respiration. Both plant and animals need energy (ATP) to survive. Both plants animals get this through cellular respiration in which the cell mitochondria react glucose with oxygen to create energy with waste products of water and carbon dioxide. …show more content…

Organisms need many different types of energy to survive and get more energy for life. Organisms need many different types of energy for life; kinetic for movement, heat energy to keep our body temperature, sound energy to interact with other organisms and chemical energy to be able make all of this possible. By eating other organisms ( chemical potential energy) they are able to convert this into kinetic, heat and sound and are able to repeat this cycle again and again therefore sustaining themselves.

Cellular respiration, adaptations and energy transformations all contribute to getting organisms the energy that they need for life. Without any of these organisms wouldn’t be able to survive and we humans would have never existed. Cellular respiration, adaptations and energy transformations play a vital role in an organism’s survival and can very well be the difference between life and

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