Ways to Solve Poverty.

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Ways to Solve Poverty
America, Home of the brave, Home of the free, Home of the poor. A overwhelming amount of Americans in our own country struggle under the poverty line everyday. They struggle for food, water, and a place to rest their heads at night, and they struggle for those for their kids all the while. A person is in a state of poverty when they cannot afford the necessities of life. Poverty is something government needs to deal with more because it carries a double cost to them and the tax payers, the poor people take their needed services, but they are unable to pay back their debt, sometimes they never are. Poverty also leads to a lower economic output, lower education, and lower productivity. Things such as Income and wealth …show more content…

The top 20% of American’s own 81% of this nation’s wealth yet they pay 61% of this nations taxes. They are more than able to afford taxes and in a time when this country is in dire need of tax money they need to step up and take those cuts. If the 2nd 20% of American’s only bring in 12.2% of this nations income yet they pay 19% of this nation’s income then it’s time for the rich to start coughing up the cash. The rich 60.2 of the nation’s income and still pay 61% of this nations taxes and that’s not fair. If everyone else can pay without their fair share of income for way worse jobs then the rich should start paying up.
This brings up the most important point, What is the government doing about poverty in America. They run many programs through many departments. Some of these programs include Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Food Stamps, Housing, and Unemployment. But all these programs are running and we still have a 12.1% poverty rate. Is the federal government doing enough for this 12.1%, No. This stat was taken in 2002 and we have had another recession since then and poverty is higher now than it was 30 years ago. We have pretty much overturned everything LBJ did in his war on poverty. Big companies are not helping either by outsourcing jobs that these poverty line American’s could perform. And government is thinking they are helping by raising the minimum

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