We All Get Along?

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As Los Angeles burned 20 years ago, the man whose savage beating by the Los Angeles Police Officers sparked the flames of civil unrest repsonded not with bitterness or even the satisfaction of seing revange carried out on his name.
Instead, shaken rodney king offered a simple phrase: “Can we all get along?”
King made the remark at a news conference as local, state and national officials tried to quell the lawless looting and violence that tore appart the city after a Simi Valley jury on April 29, 1992, acquitted Los Angeles Police Department officers accused in Rodney King’s beating.
By the time the violence ended, more than 50 people had died, 2,400 were injured, more than 12,000 had been arrested and an estimated $1 billion in property
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But two decades later, community leaders say the explosion of violence helped lead to the reforms and the healing process.

Race relations in Los Angeles had improved substantially since that time, according to many experts. And while the LAPD still faces criticism, it has also undergone substantail reforms and developed a more positive public image than it had then. I think the lesson we learned is that we have to talk with one another, “ said Connie Rice, a prominent Los Angeles civil rights attorney who has worked on reforms to the LAPD as well as the lack of a quick response to the violence was put on the LAPD and Gates, known for supporting an agressive approach to policing. Gates also was blamed for leading an agency that was Rife with racist offices and tolerated the use of excessive force.
After the King beating, Bradley convened a special commission chaired by former Secretary of State Warren Christopher, which released a report with dozens of reform recommendations, including the removal of Gates. There was a great deal of personal animosity between Gates and Bradley, who had served in the LAPD, and that you had stopped communicating for more than a year prior the riots. The chief announced his retirement a few months after the King beating, but he didn 't leave office until June 1992, 2 months after the riots.
Following Gates, city officials appointed two successive
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