We Don 't Play With People Of Your Color

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Young girl starts a new school far away from her old one. As she sits down, she looks around the room to notice students examining her while they whisper to one another. Being a new student, she just figured they wanted to know more about her. But come to find out, they didn’t care to know more about her, the students were making fun of her because her skin color was different from theirs. At recess a group of girls stood their gossiping amongst each other when the young girl walked up to them to ask if they wanted to play. The group of girls looked at the young girl in disgust and replied “we don’t play with people of your color”. Not knowing what to say, the young girl quietly walked to the door, crying and just wanting the comfort of her mother. Minority students in school being bullied is a problem that can be overcome by educating people about racism and making them aware of their own actions.
Continued racism in schools causes problems for students and can cause depression thus making them feel rejected. In 2011-2012, the U.S. Education Departments conducted a survey collecting data on Civil Rights. They found that minority students are given less access to experienced teachers than other ethnicities. Seven percent of black students attend schools that include 20 percent of teachers that fail to meet requirements such as their license’s and certification. Teachers in one out of four school districts are getting paid $5,000 more in less-diverse high schools

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