We Learn Culture Through Communication

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Culture is not something you’re born with, like blue eyes or black hair; culture is something you learn through communication (O 'Hair & Wiemann, pg.67, 2011). Culture also includes your continued way of thinking, feeling and behaving. Just as we learn culture through communication, we also use communication to express our culture (O 'Hair & Wiemann, pg.68, 2011). As a child I observed all of my mother’s behaviors. From observing my mother I quickly learned three things respect, independence and honesty. Many say I am very independent just as my mother is. Within cultures, there are co-cultures. Co-cultures are groups whose members share at least some of the general culture’s system of thought and behavior, but which have distinct characteristics or group attitudes that both unify them and distinguish them from the general culture. Some co-cultures are defined by interest, activities, opinions, or by membership in particular organizations (O 'Hair & Wiemann, pg.80, 2011).
There are several co-cultures in which I identify. I am an African American woman, student, mother, daughter, sister, Christian, quiet and very outgoing person. I enjoy sports but do not play them. I also enjoy helping others. I value my family, friends and life itself. I may be African American but I associate with others that are white, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Italian and much more. Back in high school I was “shy” co-cultured but now I am more confident and don’t mind conversation with strangers. All of

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