We Must Complete Co Ops

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I will never cease to be amazed by how quickly I fall in love with ideas. I become completely consumed with a thought. I will go to New Zealand and work there and hike everyday, living out of a van with my best friend. I will attend Business school and love it and travel the world while doing so. I will go to Fiji, live on a rural island for four months teaching a class of ten year olds how to do long division. I have been lucky enough that all of the above things I have had to opportunity to do. Well. I am still in the process of business school and I might not say that I loooove it. It is pretty great though, you know, for university. And now my next thought. My next break through. I only found out about this idea 24 hours ago and I have been completely consumed with it for that entire time.

In school we must complete co-ops; a great chance to try out careers to get some experience under your belt and they are paid. So it is exam time now which means procrastination is at an all time high. Lately when I procrastinate I look up potential careers for myself. It helps to motivate me, seeing a career that I would love to do that a business degree would be necessary for. It promotes the mindset that maybe I am doing the right thing spending ten thousand dollars a year on stress and books. I have a major travel bug and a huge passion for global volunteering so I always end up on their sites looking for positions. Let me tell you how much I wish I wanted to go into finance. It
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