We Need To Lessen Our Nation's Congress

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Recently, our nation’s congress is in a standstill with a divided government. We have more republicans in the legislative branch, but our president is democrat making it very difficult to get anything done. We need a president who can create greater cooperation between democrats and republicans while representing the middle class. Currently, the top one-tenth of one percent has more wealth than the bottom 99 percent combined. This outrageous inequality has to be prevented by dissolving wealth towards those in the bottom. America does have the highest corporate tax rates, but this does not give a liable reason to not pay them, large American companies such as GM and Seagate are making massive profits while paying 0% tax. Therefore, we need economic …show more content…

I do not agree we should lessen our military greatly, but this arms race of nuclear weapons needs to decrease. Bernie Sanders agrees to curtail a fair amount of military spending such as the missile defense program and the F-35 jet, all the while creating more money for domestic and welfare programs. Sander’s policies on trade with China is also a unique approach, since 2001 the growing trade deficit led to the loss of 2 million manufacturing jobs in America. Currently congress is trying to pass the TPP which claims to strengthen the American economy, but at the expense of millions of jobs. These China trade deals protect multinational corporations rather than the interests of American workers. This trend could also be seen in the Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China which claimed to create more jobs but rather 3 million were lost. It is also sad to see that millions of Americans have to work 3 jobs over 50 hours a week with no overtime pay just to pay the bills. The minimum wage needs to be raised to a living wage, and Bernie is proposing 15 dollars an hour. There is empirical evidence in US history that raising the minimum wage increase the economy. In the past 75 years the minimum wage has increased 22 times while keeping a steadily increasing GDP. We need a president that supports the interests of hard-working Americans rather than corporations, an increase in minimum wage is

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