We Should Protect Children From Getting Hurt From The Reality And The Cruel World

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Speaking of the purpose of high school, many believe that we should protect children from getting hurt from the reality and the cruel world. In order to do accomplish this goal, educators try to make school (K-12) less competitive and more enjoyable. As a result, students are only require to complete up to algebra II in high school, and some basic biology and science classes. The education system is making students get used to a slow and non-competitive environment, which is completely the opposite than real life and college. When students graduate from high school and enter college, they will be shocked by the fact that most colleges expect students to be able to write serious academic papers of at least 3-4 papers in a weeks, and expect them to be able to do calculus. Instead of feeling being protected in high school, I felt like the education system was locking me inside a small box, where I was limited to learn only Newton Laws in physic, or only solving algebraic equation in math class. After walking out of the box, I realized that physic is more than just Newton Laws, and you can also learn circuit, vectors, energy and etc. Like many other college students, I wish I had the chance to explore to the more challenging courses when I was in high school.

Beside math and science, the education system also has set low academic expectation in writing and English classes. As mentioned above, writing long essay is rare and not required in High School. As a result of not being
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