We 've All Experienced A Single Story

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We’ve all experienced a “single story” many times. Whether it’s the belief that all people that are from Africa are poor, all politicians are corrupt, all Mexicans come into this country illegally, or that all illegal immigrants are from Mexico or maybe even that America is just a bunch of lazy, obese people that don’t move. You see, all these are stereotypes that really are just assumed by outsiders because of what they hear from people, the media and other sources. The majority of these principles are from the media. However, with that we need to understand that the media tends to make stories more dramatic, just to get the ratings up, which looks good for them. If it’s just simply receiving these stereotypes from others, these people usually don’t look to investigate these traits and just assume that these sources are right. To simply put this way, they only see the one side of the story because that’s more dramatic, even though the majority of the time these “single stories” are not true. To be honest, I use to believe that all the “single story” principles as a child, but, as I have grown up I tend to realize that these stories aren’t true all the time and that there are other sides too. For example, one of my good friends last year had a terrible time with his roommate that was from Nigeria because he wouldn’t let him sleep because he would make popcorn at two in the morning, he was kind of messy, and didn’t necessarily smell great and my friend had a fit
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