Wealth Inequality In Soviet Russia

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Humans are never born equal. These individuals are birthed into the same species, and the government fills the heads of these people that every man has the same basic rights as another, yet it has become increasingly apparent that all sentient beings are born into different situations, with a bias to fit that situation. As a result, some see this wealth gap, and believe that taking wealth from the rich and equally distributing it among the poor would fix the issue. However, Equal wealth distribution will be the catalyst of rapid deterioration in the overall well-being of the economy of a nation, by virtue of past failures in government forms which attempt to close the wage gap, accompanied by the actuality that product payment is based on supply…show more content…
The main problems in Russia’s marxism stemmed from three issues. The first issue is that artificial prices are used in place of the supply and demand market economy structure. Second, there is unequal specialization of labor. Third, the government holds too much power to be effective. The only way that wealth equality would work is if all labor was equal, which is impossible to achieve within a functioning economy, as demonstrated by Soviet Russia, North Korea, and Cuba. There is a reason it doesn’t…show more content…
Well, under a capitalist economy, when money is easier to come by, prices rise, making it just as difficult to acquire wealth as before. So, in a socialist economy, the government counteracts this by placing a price on products that are based upon the amount of wealth that is currently being controlled by the government, rather than on the amount of supply. This doesn’t work because humans will continue to buy in surplus that which is cheap, and that would lead to shortages. In a like manner, during the Nixon Administration, a price cap was placed on gasoline. As a result, people wasted it, thinking there was a surplus. They used it in excess, and it led to a major
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