Weather Associated On Weather Conditions

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Generally to predict the future weather information we have to use the past weather reports. Todays weather may not exactly match with weather of the same day in the privous year. The probability that the weather condition of the day in consideration will match the same day in previous year is very less. But the probability that it will match within the span of adjacent fortnight of previous year is very high.So we can take the adjacent fortnights weather report into consideration to predict the current day weather. To predict the future’s weather condition, the variation in the conditions in past years must be utilized. There are various approaches available in weather forecasting, from relatively simple observation of the sky to highly…show more content…
Artificial neural network was combined with the genetic algorithm to get the more optimized prediction . An improved technique that uses artificial neural network with photovoltaic system was proposed by Isa et al.that utilizes perceptron model with Levenberg Marquardt algorithm. Apart from neural network Fuzzy logic has also been being used in weather prediction models. The rainfall was classified into three fuzzy sets which can be predicted by making use of simple fuzzy rules . Also a fuzzy self-regression model was proposed by Lu Feng and Xu xiao Guang which makes use of the form of self-related sequence number according to observed number. The self-related coefficients were computed by making use of Fuzzy Logic . A combined approach of neural network with Fuzzy Logic is being proposed for the weather prediction system. The work has applied principle component analysis technique to the fuzzy data by making use of Autoassociative neural networks.
But the main problem with the methods discussed above is most of they don’t provide any mathematicalrelationship between different parameters. Data not been being mathematically described and analyzed. But a mathematical model that could represent the relationship among previous data that could be used for prediction is still desired. A new sliding window approach for the same is being proposed in this text for weather prediction.
History of Weather Forecasting:
Weather forecasting is the application of science and
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