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Website Evaluation and Prototype for Redesign

Introduction Team A has been working together to create a list of essential design criteria for evaluating the Berry’s Bug Busters Website, a virtual organization. The team also completed a comparative review of two sites that have similar audience and purpose to the Berry’s Bug Busters Website. The intended audience for this website is people over the age of 18 that find themselves with a pest problem. There are no specific demographics related to the service offered. These two sites are Orkin and FreedomPest, which provide some useful examples of ways to improve upon the curent design of Berry’s Bug Busters Website. The following is the list of design features: Design …show more content…


The idea of using this principle is to replicate one or more elements throughout the design with the purpose of unifying it. Berry’s Bugs Blasters uses repetition to some extent. For example, the light brownish color used in the logo is also used to highlight the company’s phone number, the Internet link, the percentage of the coupon, headings, and the footer of the website. The rectangular shape is also used not only on the main navigation links but also to display the images of pests, the frame of the coupon, and the shape of the footer. Also the repetition of the photo captions “Have a – (snake, ant, termite, spider)- problem? We’ll blast’em good ‘n’ dead” helps to create a unified look. Even though the Website looks somehow unified, there is room for improvement.


The idea of applying this principle is to grab the attention of the intended audience by creating visual excitement. Berry’s Bugs Blasters failed in this aspect, since the Website displays too much white. There is no contrast between the background color (white) and the text. It gives the impression that the elements are floating around the page. In this case, the design may not be appealing to potential customers.


The intent of this principle is to create visual groups, making the navigation easier for the users. Berry’s Bugs Blasters has a very simple design that displays

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