Business Culture and Strategy Outcome2

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Importance of Organisational Culture

Organisational cultures are created by people. An organisation’s culture is also created and maintained by the organisations leadership. Organisational culture is important to alphabet games because the culture of the workplace shapes the way the employees act and relate to others both internally and externally. This can have a significant effect on the way the organisation operates. The culture is the feel we get when we walk into an organisation, made up of assumptions, values and norms. The attitude, behaviour and traits that dominate the organisation can affect the way we act with other individuals. Every organisations culture varies.

There are four main elements of culture, which are:
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Alphabet games need to supply customers with a quality product and service is the primary culture value. The case study shows that more than good looks are needed to make great video games, this shows that quality is very important and strive to stay ahead by investing in developments to advance their products. An example of this is also shown again in the case study; As video games have become more life-like, the company has pursued the concept that the games world may also react in a realistic manner. The work hard play hard culture will have a positive effect on the management approach at alphabet games. The case study shows that the need to align to the principals and ethos at Alphabet games has been a primary concern when requiting, but the underlying need for passion and quality has always been a minimum requirement in staff. This type of culture is characterised by high levels of activity, employees are motivated by the lower risk decisions and fast feedback on their performance. Alternative Organisational Culture Deal and Kennedy’s bet the organisation culture is slow feedback/high risk. The consequence of this is stress because of high risk and delayed feedback. By adopting this culture Alphabet games could suffer the impact from larger companies. Alphabet games are good at

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