Wedding Project Plan For A Wedding Essay

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John Kariungi
Casey Luce
BUS 370
20th November 2016 Wedding Project Plan Initiating
The Objective is to plan a wedding that will be timely, within budget, memorable and exclusive.
· Since we have identified the need, I need to create an RFP with all the requirements for a wedding planner and to all suppliers and evaluate the most competitive and sign an agreement.
· The assumptions before taking on this project is that there’s a partner and this will be a successful marriage. The wedding is just the day to prove if the commitment is actually there.
· Another assumption is the working budget will be sufficient with the current rate price of goods, services and inflation. There will be reviews along the way depending on the cost to estimate ratios.
· We will assume that the approval rate would be quick. We will complete the project on the due date within the 5 months as planned after the engagement date.
· We will start with church marriage counseling for success tips beforehand to help with conflict, differences and for mutual understanding on family, relatives, goals, dreams and inspirations. Planning
1. Small engagement party. We plan to have an engagement party at Palomino in Bellevue for 20 guests consisting of friends, family and some workmates Friday December 30, 2016 at 8 pm. We have 21 weeks to prepare before the wedding day.
2. The road map for the main wedding event begins with a series of activities based on

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