Humorous Wedding Speech: Get To Know The Wedding Party

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The most important day of your life should be one that's not only memorable, but one that is uniquely tailored to the two of you. With all of the little details to remember that come along with planning a wedding, it's easy to lose sight of what the day really means; an expression and celebration of your love. For that reason it's important to include a few personalized touches to your big day.

- Include a "get to know the wedding party" section in your program for an excellent way for guests to learn how everyone in the bridal party is connected or how they actually know one another.

- For guests that have traveled to the wedding from an out of town location, include a handwritten note of thanks on a postcard featuring the city where your
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Also include a small sign on each of the tables letting guests know that they are welcome to write some words of wisdom or special thoughts for the bride and groom on the note cards. After the pictures are developed the cards can be matched with the photos of the author for an extra special keepsake of the wedding.

- For a creative an unique way to tackle seating issues at the reception, consider assigning guests to tables based on their age. Tables could then be decorated with photos and memorabilia reminiscent of the age you or your fiancé were based on the number. For instance, table 16 could feature photos of you and your first car or special memories from your Sweet 16 party and table 1 would include all of your baby pictures.

- An area set aside just for the kids will be a welcome feature for everyone at the wedding, especially if there are parents in the bridal party. Include puzzles, crayons, paper, coloring books, and various games to keep the little ones busy. If an extra room is available, consider adding a television with videos and hiring a few teenage family members who will supervise the room in exchange for some extra spending
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