Week 5 assignment Instructional Practices for Emergent Literacy Learners

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Instructional Practices for Emergent Literacy Learners Edica Liebl Walden University Dr. Holcomb READ - 6706O: Literacy Development PreK-3 August 2, 2015 Instructional Practices for Emergent Literacy Learners Part I – Lesson Plan Teacher: Edica Liebl Date: July 29, 2015 Age/Grade Range; Developmental Level(s): 6-7-year-olds, entering 1st grade in the fall, emergent-beginning readers Anticipated Lesson Duration: 45 Minutes Lesson Foundations Pre-assessment (including cognitive and non-cognitive measures): For the pre-assessment, I will hold a discussion with the students on what they know about astronauts, including what is needed for travel to the moon, how astronauts stay safe and what tools they use on the…show more content…
Non-cognitive measure will be observed and noted during the use of the Reciprocal Teaching Strategy Instructional Knowledge and Skills Reciprocal teaching strategy Step #2 Question generation Students read the introduction section of the text and generate purposeful questions. Teacher records questions. Reciprocal teaching strategy Step #3 Summarizing Teacher guided summary of the introduction section of the informational text. Summary starts with “This section was about……” Students generate ideas while the teacher writes a summary. Reciprocal teaching strategy Step #4 Clarifying Students and teacher discuss reasons a text may be difficult such as 1. Vocabulary 2. Text organization 3. Unfamiliar content Prior to reading the text, I will review difficult words that the students may not know that will appear in the text: crater, footprints, gravity, lunar, rocket, and rover. The groups will then read the selection. Afterward, vocabulary words will be reviewed, and the students will read the text aloud. The student read aloud will serve as a formative assessment on fluency and word recognition. Informal assessment of vocabulary will happens during and after the students read the text aloud. Synthesis/Closure Graphic Organizer – Spider Concept Map To finalize and share information, the students will fill in the Spider Concept

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