Week Five Endocrine Genitourinary Essay

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Name: Date: Case study 76: Endocrine INSTRUCTIONS: All questions apply to this case study. Your responses should be brief and to the point. When asked to provide several answers, list them in order of priority or significance. Do notassume information that is not provided. Please print or write clearly. If your response is not legible, it will be marked as is and you will need to rewrite it. Scenario Y.L., a 34-year-old Asian woman, comes to the clinic with complaints of chronic fatigue, increased thirst, constant hunger, and frequent urination. She denies any pain, burning, or low-back pain on urination. She tells you she has a vaginal yeast infection that she has treated numerous times with over-the-counter medication. …show more content…

Her most current vital signs (VS) are 118/60, 88, 18, 99.40 F (37.40 C). The medical director ordered a postvoid catheterization, which yielded 100 mL of cloudy urine that had a strong odor, and several lab tests on admission. The results were as follows: Laboratory Test Results Complete metabolic panel (CMP): Within normal limits except for the following results: Urine culture and sensitivity results are pending. 1. What condition do the assessment findings and lab reports point toward? 2. The medical director makes rounds and writes orders to start an IV of D51/2 NS at 75 m/hr and insert a Foley catheter to gravity drainage. Because M.Z. is unable to take oral meds, the medical director ordered ciprofloxacin (Cipro) 400mg q12h IV piggyback (IVPB). Is the type of fluid and rate appropriate for M.Z.'s age and condition? Explain. 3. While administering the IVPB ciprofloxacin, which adverse effects might occur? (Select all that apply.) a. Hypotension b. Headache c. Drowsiness d. Restlessness e. Nausea f. Tendon rupture 4. You enter the room to start the IV and insert the Foley catheter and find that the NAP has taken the patient to the bathroom for a bowel movement. M.Z. asks you to help her, and, as you open the door, you observe the patient wiping herself from back to front. What do you need to do at this time? 5. Because M.Z. has been having diarrhea, what special

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