Weeping Woman

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Pablo Picasso’s, Weeping Woman (1937), is a most expressive and eccentric image of a woman in distress. The geometry and shapes in the painting are imaginative and outrageous, with bright colors and shapes of boats and flowers that are, to some extent humorous, except for the profound suffering of the women. The eyes of the women are shaped as boats within a rough sea, spilling tears in the form of diamonds. Diamond shaped tears are also the nails of her hands, held up to her face in fright. With a single image Picasso expresses a complex array of human anguish; terror, despair, outrage, hysteria, and death. The sad and dark eyed woman is Picasso's lover Dora Maar, but the woman is also a symbol of a victim of war or a witness to the war…show more content…
In the Weeping Woman, Picasso created a huge collection of antiwar canvas Guernica in 1937 to protest the lives lost in the Spanish Civil War. The name Guernica is derived from the Basque city Guernica that was bombed by the Germans during the Spanish Civil War. After Picasso completed Guernica he continued to explore one of its motifs: the weeping woman. He was the
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