Weight, Self Body Perceptions, Emotional Based Eating Behaviors And Depression Levels

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Recent increases in obesity levels in the majority of western societies [1] may be leading to higher levels of body consciousness and body related depression as well as unhealthy eating behaviours. The aim of this current study is to better understand the possible correlations between age, weight, self-body perceptions, emotional based eating behaviours and depression levels. In the current study it can be hypothesised that there will be a strong correlation between all these variables e.g. age, BMI, body image, eating behaviours and depression and that therefore we can try to counteract aspects of depression and body image through improving both health as well as body image itself. These variables have been chosen to study this area as …show more content…

BMI was chosen as it is a widely recognised scale of measuring people’s physical level of healthy weight and covers both the underweight end to the overweight and obese ends of the spectrum. The BMI scale gives a better indicator of ones health than just assessing someone’s weight [2]. Depression was chosen as a variable to be included in the current study as it can be predicted that it may have an effect on or be a result of both body image or as the result of an undesirable BMI score [4]. Previous research that has been conducted on issues such as eating behaviours, depression in relation to weight issues or in regards to body image itself tends to be primarily focused on the younger ages, of teenagers or people in their 20’s for example [5] and [6] show just a fraction of the research aimed at adolescents. However these issues do not necessarily resolve themselves once an individual has reached a certain age therefore it is important to also continue and expand research into different demographic of ages in order to see the effects on the wider population other than young individuals. Method Participants The participants for this current study included 123 adults who were seeking out weight loss within a commercial program through dieting and healthy eating. Of these 123 participants 120 were female with a mean (M) age of 41.79 years and a standard

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