Welcome to the Machine: The Ramifications of Conditioning Essay

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Welcome to the Machine

Since birth children are taught the necessary components of human interaction; the lesson of how to be a male and female is one that is never-ending in their development. Whether or not the parents choose to teach these barbaric messages of what is conventionally expected from a male or female, their children will be bombarded with this agenda by other aspects of western civilization’s culture. The machine, which is known as society, facilitates the media, our peers, and social interaction which will in result shaping its citizens as it sees fit. Steering clear of these messages is impossible, but the ability to recognize these lessons in gender for what they really are will be liberating and vital to an individual’s personal growth. With the conditioning of our parents, social interaction, and the media, gender expectations have persisted for eons; both complacency and defiance towards these social norms lead to ramifications such as a stagnate battle towards gender equality; as well as civil strife.
The youth’s way of thinking, when regarding conception of gender normality, is a direct reflection of the actions posed by society. The phrase “real men don’t cry” has been drilled into the minds of young men for ages. Whether being informed directly with phrases like “real men don’t cry”, or presented indirectly by societal trend, the male demographic has most certainly caught on to the idea that men do not display their emotions. Apart of the…

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