"Welcome to the World of 21st Century Hrm".

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Read the Chapter 1-1 Case: "Welcome to the World of 21st Century HRM". Once you have read the case, answer the questions that follow the case text. I have reprinted the questions below to assist you in your answers. You can answer these questions and then “save as” your “username_assignmentname”. For example, if I answered the questions I would then save the case as “jrh4_Case1-1” without the quotation marks. Make sure that you save the file in .DOC(or .DOCX) format. Once you have answered the questions to your satisfaction and saved this document as noted above into a Word document, go to the Blackboard Assignment page for this case and click on “Add Attachments” and upload your file. 1. Does Angie have a right to…show more content…
She should consider that the comment she is making will hurt the company not necessarily herself. Businesses are looking for honest individuals that will help the company grow not bring them down. If they fell that constant harm is being done then in turn they can let that person go. 3. What if she gave out confidential information about new products or services? Sharing confidential information about the company you work for definitely something you have to be careful about. Most companies when an employee is given access to that type of information will have agreed to a written right in their employment contract. If that contract is broken then it is definite grounds for termination. 4. Is it legal for the company to terminate an employee because of something they did away from work? If it jeopardizes the company in any way then the company has a right to terminate that employee. If what you do in your own time affects your work ethic then it is no longer “your time”. 5. If it is legal for the company to terminate an employee for something they did on their own time, in what circumstances would this be legal? For example: * Would it be legal for the company to terminate an employee because the employee campaigned for a politician who was writing legislation that would harm the interests of the company? No, this would not have any
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