Welen Glen Essay

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Willow Glen was first founded in 1950. The juniors and seniors were able to bring one color from their former schools to make the classic colors of red and gold for Willow Glen. The San Jose High School students brought the color red and the Lincoln High School students brought the color gold. In the year 2005 Willow Glen installed an all weather track. Before it had been a dirt track. John Owens, who was a teacher at Willow Glen, became the Willow Glen Track coach. He began that journey in 1982, and to this day still continues to coach track athletes. He has mentored over one thousand athletes in his time at Willow Glen. The track for some is a place to workout, while for others it's a place for victory. This place is significant to me …show more content…

The runners who were naturally gifted often did not work hard, did not go the extra mile, and when faced with hardships would often quit. The ones who worked hard were dedicated and stronger runners as individuals. I fell in the place of the hardworking group. I became more dedicated than most with my practice, diet, and workouts. Coach would look to dedicate himself to the strongest from the talented and hardworking individuals. When I stayed back with the few other dedicated runners, it became rewarding knowing that I was going the extra mile. I slowly began to learn that in order to keep up with my competitors I would have to work twice as hard as them to only get half of their talent. I taught myself that practice doesn’t make perfect and perfect practice doesn’t make perfect. I knew I would have to practice until I could not get it wrong and that stuck with me during all my practices and meets.
Laying down in bed the night before the meet was always nerve wracking, wondering who was going to show up to the meet the next day. The drive over to the track was often long and silent. Often thinking of every outcome of each race could drive a runner insane. Finally arriving and seeing all the athletes, spectators, and the crowd. The roar of the announcer echoing through the stadium. I stepped on the track hoping to see a few familiar faces. The cold breeze blowing against my tracksuit. I began to warm up and tuned out

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