Welfare Reform Case Study

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A.) Statement of problem: Welfare programs continue to be a controversial issue because Welfare programs are usually targeted for federal budget cuts. The U.S. welfare system was created to provide benefits to low-income citizen. however people tend to abuse the system which has caused stricter regulations for eligibility and use. We have to ensure that recipients use the system correctly. So therefore we can help to ensure protection over the programs that so many people use.

B.) Current law: The US welfare system stayed in the hands of the federal government until the 1996 when the Republican Congress passed a reform law that gave the control of the welfare system back to the states.

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Representative Vargas: i believe that if we focus on a new program that targets children and disables would be better, than going back to the old program or to cut it from the federal budget.

Representative Paul Ryan: but liberal government programs give people comfort but not dignity it makes people entitled and dependent on welfare.

Representative Vargas: that is false welfare recipients would have to show that they indeed are looking for a job. Anyhow, the new reform would focus on children.

Representative Paul Ryan : it will teach children to become dependent on welfare.

Representative Vargas: Nutrition is connected to education so when students are well fed it is proven that they get better grades. +Page 3
Current events-
In a speech Paul Ryan made at Conservative Political Action Conference he justify cutting welfare and defunding food programs becaused he argued that free school lunch and other food programs give people a lack of dignity, however Providing free food program to children in need doesn’t make them less indecency it simply give starving children a meal. +Page 4

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