West Central Queens Is A Middle Class Section Of The New York City Of Queens

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Introduction West Central Queens community is a middle class section of the New York City borough of Queens. The Dutch and the German farmers who had sold their produce in Manhattan, NY once populated the Rego Park neighborhood. The name Rego Park comes from the real good construction company, this company was developed in the year of the mid 1920 's.West Central Queens population has 240,900 people, of the age 22-44 years (old middle aged). The race/ethnicity has a higher portion 60% of white people with the poverty being below level. Below is a pie chart that demonstrates the disparity between the two communities. There is a higher percentage of poverty in Queens.

An area that I would like to explore is West Central Queens/Rego Park where I have been living for the past 3 years. My community is facing an issue on cancer such as women not getting screening to detect cancer at an early stage. Cancer has been rated below average such as breast cancer and cervical cancer. However, during the course of this research I will be explaining what breast cancer is? The self-examination approaches of breast cancer, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment along with what steps to take when doing a self-assessment for the breast (BSE). I will also be explaining the disparity of breast cancer in my community compared to Queens and their demographics. When I am done looking for my findings on breast cancer I should have a better understanding on why breast cancer is below

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