Exploring the Reasons for the Underachievement of Ethnic Minority Children

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Exploring the Reasons for the Underachievement of Ethnic Minority Children

Rational ========

Every child goes through the same education system, every child works through the same ‘curriculum 2000’ set by New Labour and every child sits the same exams up to the age of 16. So why are there marked differences in educational attainment for ethnic minority students?

My main aim is to find out if racism is the main cause of the gap between different ethnic groups in education, which can lead to some ethnic minority groups being over represented in low-status, low paid jobs.

My investigation will look at the different explanations that sociologists have used over the years to explain …show more content…

Yet I can do a comparison with the rest of Britain by using other sociologist research on the topic, and see how much mine and theirs vary.

I have picked this topic because I feel that education underachievement is a major problem and so is institutional racism. This issue has gained more attention after the racially motivated murder of Stephen Lawrence and the Mancpherson report that followed. I also believe that everyone should be given an equal chance to do his or her best, so it is important to me to find out if racism is the real reason for ethnic minority students underachievement.


An important issue in my research is how am I going to go about it? The main issue is to find out the best method that suits the nature of my research. Along side this it is important to know how practical and ethical my research is.

I have decided to use unstructured interviews for my research. This is due to several reasons, one being the constraints of the area I live in. Norwich generally has small amounts of ethnic diversity, and my school shows this, as the majority of students are White. If this wasn’t so then I would of used questionnaires and observation methods. Therefore I have decided that my best opinion is to talk to people who deal with such matters on a day-to-day

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