Westchester Worldview Case Study

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With the recent conception of the WAIS Newspaper, having been formally titled “The Westchester Worldview”, three of our own founding students associated with the project were invited to partake in a district wide press conference, at which Dr. Scott Muri, the Spring Branch Superintendent of Schools, was asked questions by avid SBISD journalism students and advocates. Given the diversity of questions presented, the conference covered an extensive range of pertinent topics that were conversed upon, as well as the proposal of several potential short and long term solutions aimed at meeting any current issues brought under examination by the audience. The most frequently touched upon points were often regarding one of the following three prominent topics: The financial …show more content…

Dr. Muri specified the primary misinterpretation of WAIS and its educational structure is made in regards to IB, coming as a result of outsiders lacking knowledge of what the program embodies. A sad, yet prevalent, truth is that SBISD is seeing the proliferation of people who fail to distinguish between the “IB program” as an internationally oriented curriculum, or simply a broader educational philosophy intended to encompass more global learning aspects. Lastly, of the discussed topics, one that was continuously touched upon was the recent implementation of an accelerated learning program, exclusive to mathematics. Currently active in only a few elementary schools, the program allows for students who find themselves completing the allotted workload in advance to progress at their own pace. The function of such an initiative is to both encourage and foster the growth of precocious students in the mathematical field, and to give said students a greater degree of control over their own educational

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