The Experience That Sandra Arguelles Daire Has When Teaching Mathematics

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The beginning of the article discusses the experience that Sandra Argüelles Daire has when teaching mathematics. It continues with discussing the different activities you can do during pi week and different months of the year. Sandra shows us all kinds of activities that you can do with students to let them get excited and interested in math. Although, they cannot prove that these activities have helped students become more efficient in math their scores have increased and throughout the years the student’s participation has increased as well.
Sandra tells us when she first started celebrating pi week in her classroom it was just her classroom that participated in the different activities but after students started becoming more interested she got the entire school to celebrate pi week with her. She would put a problem outside her room and the students who answered correctly would get a prize. Her very first question was “Divide the circumference of a music CD by its diameter. Round your answer to five decimal places” (Daire, 2010, p. 510). She remembered some students actually measuring CD’s in the hallway. All the prizes she gave away were donated by the community. The principal would even let student’s wear mathematics-themed shirts on March 14th to celebrate. The ceramics and technology teacher became involved and the celebration grew bigger each year. Due to the celebration growing each year she collected many activities that was too much for one week so they decided

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