Westerberg: A Short Story

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It was an average night in Westerberg. The street lights, protectors from shadows and crime, flickered as if pretending to be lightning. The scent of pizza and burgers, wafting about, attempts to lure any “starving” customers. The woods distant from the city, contained even more excitement and activity. Honey badgers hunted as the unsuspecting squirrels scavenged for berries and other rodent delicacies. The hungry grizzlies, eager for a pleasant meal, strolled around in search of a victim. Not far from the ravenous beasts, a struggling couple had experienced difficulties. Gasping for air, fighting for stamina, Jane the woman who had been a wanted criminal for years, sprinted to her getaway car. Steve, a young man who had taken the role of a boy who lived his life in fear of the cops had acted as the getaway driver. He and Jane had recently robbed a bank in Westerberg. Steve had many troubles throughout his life. He was left on the streets as a young child, around the age of eleven. He had ran from the police, who had been…show more content…
Why?” “Because you are under arrest,” Steve stated as he pulled out his badge. “What? How-” Jane was bewildered. “That’s right, you have just robbed the bank with a police,” Steve replied with a grin as if he had been waiting for this for a long time. He called backup and returned the money to the bank. Jane was taken away and incarcerated. “Great job, Steve,” the chief police congratulated him. “Well thanks, I couldn't have done it without my team.” After the arrest, the police and their team celebrated the capture of a notorious criminal, Jane Smith. As for Jane, her sentence was ten years in prison with some of the other criminals of her type. The next day, Steve was congratulated on live television in several news programs. He was interviewed and became a legend for the small city of
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