Western Cultural Imperialism During African History

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Western cultural imperialism in Africa was one of the greatest events in African history. British colonists, referred to in the novel “Things Fall Apart” as the white men, felt morally obligated to go to Africa and civilize the African community because of the concept of the white man’s burden. At the time of the novel, England had a viceroyalty government. The queen of England sent a missionary, Mr. Brown, along with other white men to civilize the African clan that was made up of nine villages. In “Things Fall ApartChinua Achebe shows how Western cultural imperialism was able to penetrate the African community by showing the African people the better sides of Christianity, gaining an understanding of the African culture, forcibly taking away the their power, then stripping them of their cultural identity.
Mr. Brown attracted the African villagers by showing them the positive aspects of Christianity in compensation to their religion and their beliefs in multiple gods. Mr. Brown led them to believe that the one Christian god was more powerful than their multiple gods. He proved this to them when the white men first asked for a piece of land to build their church on, and the villagers gave them the evil forest. The villagers thought the land would cause the white men to die within days but as days went by the white men had not died. Many Africans began to convert . Mr. Brown proved to the Africans that their gods would not kill them for breaking their spiritual rules, and

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