Western Culture And Its Influence On Modern Culture

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Institutions, or groups or societies formed from similar interests and ideas, have become a commonality in modern society. Politics, acadamia, even specialized groups to the minutia of specific, singular beliefs or ideas dominate today’s American society – and these examples barely begin to scratch the surface of institution’s influence on America. This is not to say that the prevalence of these institutions is not specific to the United States’ culture, but present in all cultures labeled as inherently “western.” The concept of institution is an idea constructed by humans, and as a human construct, the idea must have implemented itself successfully into human culture to be present today. Western culture (today primarily North America and …show more content…

As a religion still practiced today, the text’s influence on people is clear. An institution requires a unifying factor between those involved. The Torah explicitly details the Jewish ideology and beliefs – something needed in any successful institution. After the creation of this text, the unifying concepts that can result from an idea are present. Without this unification, this text’s influence and practice would not occur today. What can be inferred from this text is the actual creation of institutions that support the practice or action of a single group or people. This constructed idea of an institution is crucial in the development of western society because it allows for positions of power to arise from said belief, and these positions of power eventually become the most influential. The most important text in the development of Western Society, The Bible, is like previous examples. The development from myth (or hereafter religion), to organized grouping, to a mode of power can be summed up in the influence of The Bible. Somewhere throughout history, an individual or group realized the influence of a religion on a group of people. In getting a group to believe something as explicit and detailed as this text is, having these followers support an agenda that, on the surface parallels their beliefs, but in reality is a power ploy by those in high positions, creates an environment that breeds influence and

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