Western Exportation Of Contemporary Casino Leisure

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The casino environment is a space of which I am quite familiar. I have spent a considerable proportion of my working life on the casino floor. During my time working for Crown and for other operations, I spent the majority of those years in the VIP gaming rooms that specially catered for specific ethnicities. There are various factors that contribute to the relationship between casinos and the Chinese and Vietnamese peoples. In the following essay I explore the Western exportation of contemporary casino leisure and entertainment spaces to Asia. I examine the spaces and environments casinos produce and how Asian cultural groups use and inhabit them. I expand to contextualize the casino as a venue for entertainment and its function contributing to behavioral and cultural practices of expatriate migrant communities. I conclude by proposing that disruption of the gambling industry from online alternatives will impact social behaviors of communities’ in ways that may contribute to adaptations of interpersonal connections and cultural exchanges for people of Chinese and Vietnamese cultural identities. The Japanese parliament has recently delayed hearings regarding legalizing casino gambling for the remainder of the year. Legal forms of gambling in Japan, such as Pachinko or sports and race wagering exist without a human adversary and are experiencing a rapidly declining opportunities for human interaction for the user experience. Live table games offer significantly more human

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