Westernization Vs. Eating Disorders

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Westernization Vs. Eating Disorders Historically, through an array of cultures worldwide, individuals have transformed their appearances in order to conform to the beauty ideal of relevant culture. Those that are apart of the Pa Dong Tribe, which reside among the boarder of Thailand, practice the elongating of the neck through the use of brass rings. African and Amazonian tribes consider beauty through the stretching of their lips that is achieved using large lip plates. Tribes in Africa strive to achieve a larger body weight by eating over 15,000 calories a day in order to be more desirable partners as well as to gain a higher status. Similarly, in westernized countries individuals suffer from eating disorders and malnourishment in order to maintain a thinner body shape. Individuals are influenced heavily by culture and social backgrounds on beliefs and perceptions about body image, as well as contributing to the beauty standards that one should strive to maintain and achieve. As these culturally responsible body alternation trends continue to be practiced, they are shown to have a direct role in the rise of eating disorders, as well as body misconception. Eating disorders occur as a result of severe disturbances in eating habits that negatively affect a person’s mental and physical state. Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and their variants all share in common their seriousness in feelings of distress, anxiety and concerns about ones body shape and weight. Through
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