What A Student Athlete Should Represent.wrestling Creates Healthy Lifestyle

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“Wrestlers are a little more dedicated than, and are different from, the other people, which may be strange.” - Dan Gable
Long days of intense practices to heavy studying at home. Wrestlers are the true meaning of what a student athlete should represent.Wrestling creates healthy lifestyle because it teaches healthy nutrition of an athlete, moral characteristics of a model citizen, and the importance of conditioning. Wrestling is a sport that influences young men and women to take strives for a beneficial life, that includes extreme discipline. The discipline’s of handling academics in school, then right after school go to an intense practice that includes immense amount of energy; then after a tiring practice, you go back home to maintain a balanced diet to make weight, and study more so you can maintain or raise your GPA( grade point average) to qualify to wrestle. Unlike most athletes in a sport, wrestling doesn 't have a professional league. In wrestling there is only high school, college, and olympics competitions. These young men and women strive their best in the sport, taking on heavy responsibilities, knowing that there are no financial rewards.
Wrestling Nutrition Healthy
Wrestling coaches constantly push wrestlers to eat healthy. In order to maintain the high energy levels needed for their intense work (“Nutrition Ideas For Wrestlers” n.d). It is Essential for a wrestler to have healthy diet. Wrestlers constantly are burning calories and losing
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