What Are Biscuits And Gravy? Essay

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“What are biscuits and gravy?” I heard from across my table at Blackboard Café in Seal Beach, CA after politely telling the waiter my order. I did only what anyone with a good and sarcastic sense of humor would do in that situation and replied, “You moron, they are gravy and biscuits!” Let me just say that that just might have been the most thoughtless question I have ever been asked and of course it came from the mouth of none other than, Savannah Jane McCorkle, my delusional and exquisite best friend. She and I have an interpersonal relationship that started our freshman year of high school, has successfully made its way through all eight stages of a relationship, and has conquered all conflict that has tried to come between us. Savannah was the dorky girl with multi-colored hair, big glasses, and a Harry Potter backpack. I was the “not too weird, but not popular either” average high school student just keeping to myself. We had two classes together aat Woodrow Wilson Classical High School, English 1-2 with Mrs. Majdali and Geometry with Mrs. Sternin. The classes were back to back so we would always walk the same way to and from our classes. It was the proximity, always being around her, that really started our relationship (O’Hair, Wiemann, Mullin & Tevin, 2015). A relationship that is still going strong even though she now is going to LSU and lives in Louisiana. Savannah and I have been through all of the relationships stages, we have gone back and fourth between

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