Personal Narrative: Dottie Franklin Home

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The winter formal was approaching fast like dark clouds before the rain hits. Frustrated, I slammed the phone down on the phone receiver. Looks like my make-shift girlfriend couldn't go to the dance because her dad said I just wanted to score. To make sure we had no off-campus interactions, he was going to make her go to family night at Shakey's Pizza that day. Man, I needed to find a date! I had been bragging to the fellas about how me and Ingrid were inseparable since I dropped that game on her. Look at the time... I had about half an hour to finish my paper route. All I had to do was beat Ms. Dottie Franklin home and place her paper under her mat. She was an octogenarian according to my vocabulary builder. Bossy, would be an understatement,…show more content…
I told him that I would think about it. Ronnie has good taste when it comes down to the Honeys. That's why he had the nickname, The Beekeeper. I sold them about $150 total in Cards. Mikey’s Mom gave him a spending stipend, allowance and paid him to walk the dog. He was spoiled rotten and he knew it. After reading the magazines and watching scrambled Cinemax, I gave them daps and took off. My stomach started speaking to me as I was passing a Burger King. As I approached the register, I recognized that the Cashier was my classmate Kimbre. “ You know we ran out of burgers right?”, she said. Then I replied, “No, you don't say. Does Taco Bell run out of Tacos or Pizza Hut, Pizza?” Kimbre was a babe, the way she chewed her bubblegum made me hot! I mustered up the courage to look her in the eyes and I told her that we should hook up for the dance. She just broke up with her boyfriend, he got mono from kissing her best friend, so she was available. I wiped the lonesome tear off her cheek with my finger. I knew then and there that my strong feelings for Ingrid were weakening. Zapp and Roger's Computer Love was playing on the speakers. “Sure I will go with you”, she said. She wrote her number down on the receipt and gave me the eye. I’m glad I was learning to think for myself and it was long
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