What Are Dragons?

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All over the world there are many legends including dragons. Dragons are large, carnivorous reptiles. They are located from America to Europe to Australia. They can endure harsh climates and any landscape. “Dragons can live just about anywhere” (Doeden 9). Dragons live in homes called “lairs”. “ The most common lairs are found in deep underground caves” (Doeden 10). Even underwater dragons live in caves. Dragons have to hunt for their food. They can hunt wild animals but when they need a quick and easy meal they go to farms for livestock. Farmers get annoyed with dragons hunting their livestock and many try to kill these “beasts”. Dragons are nearly impossible to kill. “ With fiery breath, razor-sharp teeth, and high intelligence, they are almost impossible to kill” (Doeden 6). Some…show more content…
Thanks to dragonologists and legends we’ve learned how dragons live. This includes their mating, feeding and hoarding habits. Dragons typically look for easy meals and will hunt on farmlands. Farmers get annoyed and frightened by these large reptiles and hire dragon-slayers to rid of the beasts. Dragons are forced to live as far away as humans as possible due to the fear and panic the bring to towns and villages. Also dragon's weak spot, their bellies, have become known to hunters and this causes a threat to the dragons. In response to this flaw they search for treasures and jewels to use as an armour for their bellies. When they hunt for this treasure amongst towns they cause a wide-spread panic amongst people. They assume and fear what the dragon might do. I've learned that dragons are feared for many reasons but are very misunderstood creatures. They only bother towns in order to help themselves survive. They actually try to avoid humans at all costs. I think that dragons in the future will begin to be understood a little more throughout the years. I also think that the legends and myths of dragons will forever live
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