What Are Personal Values?

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What are personal values? In our society, the values one would think of quickly would be honesty, responsibility, and fairness. My personal values align with these, but I would also add humility, loyalty, respect, and compassion. Even though these are the values that I believe in, I also realize that other’s values will differ from mine, some may be fairly similar while others may be vastly different. However, this is how it is supposed to be. If we all had the same values and thought the same way, we would not be different from one another rather we would be clones of one another. People’s values are developed by the conditions in which they grow up, who they are surrounded by, and by developing their own thoughts on the matter through …show more content…

Later the next day, my mom got a phone call from one of my friend’s parents saying that I had bragged about all my accomplishments and had made my friend come home sad and crying. Right away, my mom sat me down and gave me a strict talking to. I was then told that not being humble had caused my friend to feel bad about herself and that what I had done was not nice. My mom then explained to me the concept of humility and bade me to practice it, that way nothing like this would every happen again. Ever since I was taught this lesson, I have done pretty well, of course when I was younger I slipped up every now and then, but those slip-ups taught me lessons, lessons that have helped me become the person I am today. I demonstrate this value everyday by reminding myself that I can be proud of myself and tell myself about my accomplishments, but I should try to restrain myself from being too “bragging” to others. This value is highly beneficial to me, but I do not think it is as beneficial to society. I think this because while humility is important for me, it is not as important for society to know or not know about my accomplishments. The next value is responsibility. Responsibility means having the right to act independently while also being responsible for what you do. Being responsible, means having an obligation to do something for someone or something, because you know it is the right thing to do. Responsibility was taught to me by a life experience.

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