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#40 Liguo Zhang SLS1501 Learning Summary Chapter 5 1. What were some interesting details of the reading? Successfully intelligent thinking is balanced by three important elements, which are analytical thinking, creative thinking and practical thinking. Intelligent thinking is the process of asking and answering questions. When we apply all the three elements into the process, we think intelligently. Every time we think, we think with a purpose, which means, we have to know why we ask questions. Additionally, successfully intelligent thinking is a skill that can be improved along lifetime (Summarized from Keys to Nursing Success chapter 5). 2. As you were reading this chapter, what questions did you raise? Q1: what’s the difference…show more content…
It is very important to ask ourselves questions and try to answer them in our life because asking and answering questions is the process of successfully intelligent thinking. Also, we need to ask questions with purposes in order to think something relevant to the topic. Successfully intelligent thinking requires us to have analytical thinking skills (critical), creative thinking skills, and practical thinking skills. Analytical thinking skills involve in gathering, analyzing, and evaluating useful information without personal or other’s assumptions or perspectives. Having analytical thinking skills help us solve problems and making decisions efficiently. Creative thinking skills refer to think of some new ideas that are out of the box. Always change the way we think things, and do not follow what other people say without thinking. Brainstorming is also one of the most important skills for creative thinkers. Practical thinking skills mean how to change yourself to fit in the environment or change the environment to fit you. Experience and emotional intelligence all contribute to developing practical thinking skills (Summarized from Keys to Nursing Success chapter 5). #40 Liguo Zhang SLS1501 5. What opinion do you have about what you read? What I read from this chapter really helps me a lot. I found out my weak areas in successfully intelligent thinking. And, I learned that critical, creative, and practical thinking skills all have the same level of
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