What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Diversity In The Workplace

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Diversity in an organization creates a diverse experience. Fellow employees with different cultural backgrounds come up with a new set of experiences to share with other members in their departments. Pooling the diverse knowledge and skills of culturally distinct workers together can benefit companies by strengthening teams' productivity and responsiveness to changing conditions which benefit the company (Hndlaechner 2008, p. 152). If these new ideas they bring up with them are used accordingly, it will have a positive impact on all employees within the organization and hence bringing the best out of them.
Diversity in an organization promotes learning and growth. It will create an opportunity for employees' personal growth. Being involved with people who possess new ideas, cultures and perspectives can help individuals to reach out intellectually and gain a clearer view of …show more content…

The disadvantages can be worked on by training employees on how to relate to each other and avoid unnecessary competition which may lead to low quality and reduction in productivity. Training might be expensive, but it will be a long-term benefit to the company. Diversity in the workforce is growing in all countries around the world. When an organization adopts diversity policy it can perform better. It is important for the companies to have knowledge about diversity and how to handle the negative issues relating to it. Also, the need for the diverse workforce is getting more not only because there are different people but also because they can produce better results with having different types of people working together (Jager, B, and Cleland, A. 2016, 153). It is therefore recommended that diversity policy is one of the best a company should adopt in order to achieve its

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