What Are The Arguments Against Standardized Testing

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me people considers that Standardized Testing can’t sufficiently assess students’ potential. They describe that the tests restrict creativity, fail to give every student a fair chance, and are not able to comprehensively analyze a student’s future. Nevertheless, as a student of my generation, I can look around the circumstances and my fellow contemporaries, and find that Standardized Testing is the best way for now to assess a student’s potential. This point of view will be supported by the following paragraphs.

First the cost of using Standardized Testing to assess students is more acceptable than using other methods. Only by designing question can teachers easily understand the knowledge students have. Lots of money will be saved in this way compared to the way of using interviews or other assessing system. Take the case of China, in which millions of students are in demand of getting assessment of their learning abilities so that colleges can decide whether giving them offers. If colleges utilize other way to assess and not use the Standardized Test, the financial issue will be unacceptable and citizens will …show more content…

Obviously parents are people who care the education of children most and take the tests issues most seriously. Most parents approve of standardized tests. A June-July 2013 Associate Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll found that 75% of parents say standardized tests “are a solid measure of their children’s abilities” and 69% say the tests “are a good measure of the schools’ quality.” 93% of parents say standardized tests “should be used to identify areas where students need extra help” and 61% say their children “take an appropriate number of standardized tests.”[2] If parents approve of those tests then we should have the confidence to say that standardized tests are good at assessing students

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